Going to the dentist is no day in the park, but it’s an important step we all take to keep our teeth healthy. We should not forget that our cherished pets also need regular dental care! A checkup and cleaning – done at least once per year – is recommended for most pets. Here at Ritson, we offer all the dental care services your pet needs throughout their life. Contact us at 905-438-0664 to schedule their consultation. 

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Do I need to brush my pet’s teeth at home?

Absolutely. In fact, it is best if dogs, cats and other pets’ teeth are brushed at least once every day. It might seem intimidating but with the right technique and tools, you can get a routine mastered in no time. We will be happy to show you how to properly brush your pet’s teeth and recommend safe products to make the process easier. Human toothpaste is not to be used for pets. We carry species-appropriate dental products, please contact us for more information.

What happens during a dental checkup for pets?

During your pet’s dental exam, our veterinarian will do a visual check of your pet’s teeth to check for signs of decay, infection, inflammation and other complications. If required, a dental cleaning with or without extractions will be scheduled. Pets will have to be sedated to do this effectively and safely. Cleaning below the gum line and emergency extractions can be very painful for patients otherwise. Plus, having metal tools inside their mouths and being placed under bright lights can be quite stressful for pets. Being peacefully asleep during the procedure is the most humane option for patients. 

Do you offer dental X-rays?

Yes! Dental X-rays are critical in assessing what’s going on under the gum line. They help our veterinarians determine if teeth are healthy or may need extracting.

How much do dental checkups and cleanings cost?

Prices may vary as every patient has different needs. For example, larger patients will need a higher dose of sedatives/anesthesia, thus impacting the total price. A quote will be provided to you by our veterinarian during the initial dental exam.

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