Did you know that just like us humans, the skin is the largest organ in the bodies of most pets? Your pet’s hair, skin, nails and fur play important parts in their health. It protects them from the elements, keeps them warm/cool and so much more. This is why their skincare should never be overlooked. Our team here at Ritson Veterinary Clinic can help keep your pet’s skin as healthy and as beautiful as possible. Schedule an appointment today by calling 905-438-0664.

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How do I know if my pet has skin problems?

There are a few warning signs you can keep a lookout for. Some of them include: 

  • Bleeding
  • Excess scratching, biting or licking of themselves 
  • Hair loss/thinning
  • Foul smells/odours 
  • Lumps, bumps, scabs, growths, redness
  • Greasy or flaky skin 
  • Discharge from their pores, ears and other areas

How do you treat skin issues in dogs and cats?

Every patient and every condition will require different action plans. After a thorough consultation, the vet will create a treatment plan for your pet that can include one or a combination of the following: 

  • Medicated sprays and shampoos
  • Antibiotics 
  • Anti-histamines (usually for allergy-related reactions)
  • Anti-fungal medicines 
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines

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