It can happen to the best of us. Just a split second is all it takes for a curious pet to escape our watchful eyes and wander off. Fortunately, technologies like microchips can increase our chances of a happy reunion. Give us a call at 905-438-0664 to learn more about how these devices can help keep your pet safe. 

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How do pet microchips work?

Microchips are embedded with your contact information and your pet’s medical profile. Once inserted inside your pet’s body, it can be scanned by animal rescue workers or other veterinary professionals who find your pet. They will be able to retrieve your information and notify you of your pet’s whereabouts. They will also be made aware if your pet has any ongoing medical conditions, so your pet will receive the proper accommodations. 

What happens if my contact information changes?

It’s always a good idea to keep us up to date with any contact information changes on your account. You should also contact your microchip provider directly with any changes to your contact information or general information on your pet.

How long do pet microchips last?

The devices are meant to last a lifetime and most of them do just that. There are rare instances where a chip may malfunction and we can check this for you if it happens.

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