Cherie Barlow

Cherie Barlow - PM

Practice Manager

Cherie has been part of the Ritson Veterinary Clinic team since 2010. She began as a receptionist and through her tenure, she has gained experience in many facets of the clinic. In 2021, Cherie was promoted to Practice Manager.

After over 20 years in financial management in the corporate sector, working with animals and their guardians was a welcome change! From a young age, Cherie has always had a love for animals. Growing up she shared her life with dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. In 2004, Cherie suddenly lost her heart dog, Abby at 9 years old to hemangiosarcoma. It was then that she found her passion in animal rescue and has been a volunteer with Golden Rescue and an advocate for rescue ever since!

She has always had an affinity for senior pets, and over the years she has shared her life with many adopted seniors. Cherie finds veterinary medicine extremely interesting and patient care is definitely something she remains devoted to.

Cherie currently shares her life with two rescue pets, Bronson, a 15 year-old Golden Retriever and Charlie, a 5 year-old ginger cat.
When Cherie isn’t working, she enjoys spending time exploring in nature. She loves camping and hiking in the forest with her husband and dog, and dabbling a bit in photography.