Just a small sample of your pet’s blood can reveal a multitude of information about their overall wellbeing. Blood testing is a routine part of any pet’s healthcare and is usually done when doctors are in the process of diagnosing health conditions. It is also performed during the pre-op stage to see if your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia and to determine the exact amount they will require. Give us a call at 905-438-0664 for further information.

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Will my pet be in pain when they get their blood drawn?

Although needles are involved, please rest assured your pet will feel only a slight pinch when their blood is drawn. The entire process is over in a matter of seconds. 

Do pets need to be sedated during bloodwork?

Not at all. The vast majority of patients do not need any type of anesthesia or sedation during blood tests. But, if your pet has a phobia of needles or is especially anxious, sedation is an option to prevent them from experiencing any unnecessary stress. 

When can I get the results?

We can provide same day results/analysis because of our in-house lab. We will be able to interpret your pet’s bloodwork the same day after the initial sample is extracted. There are cases where more complex analysis is required. In these instances, you can expect to wait about 3 to 5 business days as we send the samples to an outside laboratory team. 

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